Sparkling Toppings

Glitty™ is a line of glittery variegated toppings to decorate ice cream in tubs or in bowls, creamy desserts, cakes, parfaits, crepes, mousse and whatever else your imagination suggests.

Glitty Fragola

Ice Cream


Bar & Ho.Re.Ca.


RED: strawberry glittered topping
BROWN: cocoa glittered topping
BLUE: vanilla glittered topping
GOLD: caramel glittered topping
SILVER: vanilla glittered topping

1 kg bottle / box 6 bottle
200 g bottle / box 6 bottle


Glittered variegato with candied orange zest and orange juice.
Glittered variegato with whole sour cherries and sour cherries juice.

2 kg jar / box 6 jars

Glitty® at home!

Give a top product to your customers!
Thanks to the new desk display,
they will be able to buy Glitty® toppings
and to free their creativeness
with the handy 200 grams Glitty® bottles.

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